Pricing list

With a home inspection

  • Home Inspection: $345.00 for 2000 sq/ft or less home.   $25 for each additional 500 sq/ft.
  • Radon:  $125.00.
  • Wood destroying insects:  $90.00
  • Septic: $90.00
  • Water Testing:  Cost varies based on testing required.   The most requested tests are the following. 

    • Bacteria (Ecoli & Tcoliform)- $90.00
    • FHA/VA water (Ecoli, Tcoliform, Lead, Nitrates, & Nitrites)- $185.00.

Will have results back within 3 business days.


Stand-alone inspections

Stand-alone inspections without a home inspection a trip cost of $50 is added.

Multi Unit Inspections

For each structure, the base cost for 2 Units (apartments) is $425.00. Each additional unit in the same structure is an additional $75.00.

Commercial inspections

Based upon the use of the structure and square footage. Will have to call me for a quote.