When do I get the final report?

The reports for mold take about a week and home inspections are a guaranteed 48 hour turnaround. I will contact you as soon as it is available.

Are you an IAQ Specialist or an Indoor Air Quality Expert?

No. I am an inspector trained in proper mold sample collection.

What will you be doing in my home?

I will perform a visual assessment in all readily accessible area(s) of your home to determine the presence of microbial problems and collect appropriate samples.

How long before we find out the results of your testing?

We can overnight your samples to the lab where a Mold Analyst will review them. Once the analysis is finished, the Laboratory will issue their report directly to me. The report will identify types and levels of mold, a description of each mold discovered and a summary of the findings.

I have been sick for the past year; is it caused by mold?

Excessive mold exposure has many symptoms - allergic reactions are the most common. Any health-related issues should be addressed with the proper professional, which, in this case, is your doctor.

Where can I get more information?

Information can be found at the lab's website. This site may also contain links to other sites that contain valuable information.